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October 8, 2008

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Hari Raya countdown

September 30, 2008

hmm Ramadan is almost over. this means i can eat during the day again, lol…

but this year its like to fast, fasting, lol. As i grow older i begin to enjoy fasting more than hari raya, lol. when i was young i would be so exited that Ramadan is ending. now is like, why has Ramadan ended so quickly. its strange especially if you are not a Muslim. As you begin to embrace the meaning of Ramadan. you find that its not about the celebration at its end but the time spent to reach it. Ramadan is a time for sacrifice and patience, it teaches self discipline and empathy. Ramadan brings the best out of people and expose the weakness of us. it shows ourselves, how much we can tolerate and how far we are willing to go.

a few of the great things to look forward too during Ramadan is breaking fast, lol. no its not the food. but the company that surrounds you while you consume it. then there is the nights leading to its end, and the ramadan bazaar.

now that its the last day of Ramadan its a sad day indeed.



September 19, 2008

decided to reopne this blog after a few days of closing it. dont know why but i feel like blogging. curently blogging with out looking at the keyboard but its kind of difficult.

Without correcting mistakes

hmm as rou wikk soon find oir that mosr of rhe mistaje are jusr a ket awat frin the acruak ket


but i am improving as i go along, haha, its still better than my hand writing. its still during the fasting month. for some reason this year seems to be easier and more fun. to a point that i am enjoying it more than i am anticipating eid.

for this month i have reached my financial limits, lol. cant get out very much and have tried to keep myself busy. results were less than what i had expected but still i am its time to move on for the future.

the real post begins here.

sometime we look at our life, and say that it isn’t fair. i am not here to argue that piece, haha. i am here to affirm it. no matter how you look at life, it will never be fair. that guy has better memory, that guy is taller, he was born rich, another guy has no parents, that guy has 4 wives, she has a nice figure, he won the lottery. its just isnt fair to the guy who looks at these situations. but what abt the guy who has one or more of those stuffs or in those situation. they would probably think life still isnt fair becuz they do not have what others have.

so what should you do? well for starters you can try to strive for those things, and try to make life a little more fairer. but most importantly is that u must accept it. accept that others are born with more and others are born with less. make do with what life has given you. one thing that is fair, is that everyone lives, isnt fair.

put forth your hands. look at ur fingers. none of the are of equal length. but each of them is needed and have their strengths and purposes. like the world we offer our strengths and let others complement it with theirs. than we will have a working hand, society in this case.


August 29, 2008

Finally fell sick, since a long long time, lol. currently just fever and my whole body aches. BUT IS THIS GOING TO STOP ME???? NO!!! i will wake up in the morning all HEALED!!! HEAR ME WORLD.

and god help me please

P.S fever can cause people to temporally lose their sanity

from japan

July 14, 2008

to got home and helped my mother prepare some food that people ordered. then played with my cousin, lol. she is playing with an elephant shaped plant waterer. nothing much happen today, lol.

today hand washed a piece of fabric that i bought near 4 years in mecca. its a square piece of cloth abt 1meter in width. the fabric is woven in japan. its full of memory of when i was there, i nvr go out of my room without that piece of cloth

thats all for now…



July 14, 2008

A few hours ago, one of my great uncles passed on. a few days back an uncle passed on. one thing that is certain in all life, is death. I am taught that the time of our death, to the very fractions of a second had been made certain. that there is no way it can be extended or shortened.

but i’m here to talk about funerals. In Islam, a funeral is more than just a last gathering for th parted. it is more than a session of mourning and prayers. it is a reminder for those that are living. that we are here today for a short period of time. a few days back my uncle passed. it sad but i suppose i still need to live. i helped prepare his body for burial along side his son. as we touch his soulless body, it reminds us that we are only mortal. one day i will be lying there and someone else will be preparing me as i am preparing my uncle then.

once he is ready he is wrapped in the three layers of white linen and a layer of cotton. then we carried him out to be kissed a last time by his love ones. it will be sad if no one was there to gather ard you for a last time. so then we prepare for prayer. yet another reminder to us to pray before we are prayed for, to stand behind the imam before u lay before him. we proceed to bury him. and as i pass before the graves of those who have came before, i know that one day i will be lying there with them.

my father always say that funerals are nvr for the dead they are for the living. there is saying that we are born crying when those ard us will smile with joy, and when we depart our soul smile while those ard u weep for their lost.

thats all for now…


Happy day!!

July 11, 2008

today is a friday, last day of the week so its always a good day. next i went to catch a movie today so theres another reason to be happy about. and another thing is today is presentation day!! lol icing on the cake.

hmm lets start, was suppose to have 2 presentation. one on monday the other on thursday. so monday came and guess wad? i waited the whole day to present and a few hours before the end of the day i met my sup along my way and he said that the presentation is postponed to thursday as well!! then he said there will be a briefing the next day at 9 which he didn’t came!! wednesday and still no news. so comes thursday. sup said that present at 9 so came at early. 8.50 he called said he coming down, he came down at 10!! zzz came and told us we will have 2 presentation one at 2 one at 4, come 2pm, he was no where to be seen, waited till 3 still nothing waited till 4 finally he came to tell us that the presentation is pushed to 5!! i was stunned. waited till 5 he called to go to the presentation room, zzz the door was locked. the deputy was alrd there, so my sup went to look for the key and when he finally found it was 5.20 zzz as there are visitors coming the presentation was canceled!! lolololololololol. when home, he called say the presentation today, haiz, lol. its not so bad, lol gave me time to prepare.

presentation day!!

again waited for the presentation which was suppose to be at 2 but i presented at 3.10!! but the presentation was so great!! lololol. I was able to deflect everything that he shot at me!! lol. currently i have given a very good impression. my sup is happy deputy happy i am happy!!

deputy(d) : where was ur attachment?
me(m) : SCS
d : oh, wad did you do there, was it networking related
m : no, bt i did something that is security related, an application like the WDRS a project that can be found in my project lab
d : i see, are you new to networking?
m : yes, this project is the first time i am doing networking related stuff
d : really, because the way you present is like you really know a lot about networking
m : no,  this is my first time with networking
d : you seem to know a lot of things, good

bt there is one comment i am not happy with “you gain more from this project than you contribute, its not a bad thing, but we should make you contribute more ” lol

thats all for now…


long DUE

June 5, 2008

My IPP is long over now its time for FYP, lol. sit in a fish tank like room with 7 other guys from 8.30 to 6 everyday, lol, wad  a “happy” life. still not very sure what i will be doing so, hanging in there, lolol. due to privacy and self preservation i will not elaborate how i spend my time during FYP, lol

next a long overdue thanks to Kim Ann and Jie Ming for getting me a weiqi set, yay, lol. they got me Yunzi (reportedly high quality stones made in yunan) from chendu, lol thanks guys!!.

theres not other developments currently, life good nothing much to complain, lol.

more post tmr since i suddenly ran out of things to blog abt, lol. AND COMMENT PPL COMMENT.

thats all for now…



May 19, 2008

01. What disappoints you the most?
people who dun show up without a proper reason

02. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?
Casablanca – morocco

03. What’s your favorite thing to do?
sit and think

04. Do you think money can buy happiness?
its one of the causes of happiness

05. If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be?
sheep can fly

06. Do you believe you can survive without money?
if i was in in a different country maybe, bt here… u still nd to pay for ur grave after u die, so…

07. What are you afraid to lose the most?
my mother’s grace

08. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
send my parents on a world tour, make investments.

09. What color represents you the most?

10. are u a “half full” “half empty” “there’s half in there” person?
half full guy.

11. What makes you happy?
alot of things really, it can even be a simple HI once in awhile

12. What type of person do you hate the most?
opportunists. especially people who will not help, chip in, or any of the likes unless they benefit from in.

13. Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?
rich??? most probably answering “Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?”

14. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
lightning from my fingers

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
family and great friends

16. Any childhood memories you’ll like to re-live?
the entire childhood, lol. oh i miss so many things

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?

18. What makes you cry?
a child breaking his parents heart, myself included, lol

19. What is your least favourite animal?
hmm, nt sure.

20. What is one thing your friends probably don’t know about you?
haha, cant tell u!! if u ask me nicely i might tell u, lol

Instructions: Remove 1 question from above, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

seriously i think everyone did it alrd, so if u have not and have a blog go do it

old man

May 15, 2008

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