Age of Empires III


My all time favorite, an RTS. The first title in the series released in 1997 Age OF Empires I which brings us to the stone age to Age Of Kings during the middle ages till the edge of the gunpowder age. Not to forget Age of Mythology, a detour to mystical age of the old gods. However we are talking about AOE3 now.


Graphics are definitely grand, as u can see above. The first time i saw the cover I was just wowed. Effects are greatly improved from Age Of Mythology, now people will fly after they get hit by a cannon ball. every game you play buildings will always be razed, here buildings will never be destroyed the same way twice. Pieces of buildings will crumble, window pane will fly, houses will burn and trees will topple after being hit by cannons.

Technology has advanced to the gunpowder age and rifles and cannon reigns. Despite the range combats and battles there are still calvary forces (I no longer use them in this age unlike previous ages where the are the power), melee infantry units exist among some factions mostly to counter calvary and to quickly kill enemy range infantry if you manage to get close enough first. Another thing to note is that every unit have a melee weapon, whether a bayonet or a scimitar. I guest the main focus of AOE3 is their artillery, which range from an organ gun(around 6 guns tied together) to the Great Bombard the largest artillery in AOE3. Below, my favorite unit the janissary.


Another highlight of AOE3 is their water effects and their naval units which left breathless. Naval battles are always so interesting to see in AOE3 ships now fire as in real life from its side like those from POC. ships are huge and intense, the sails are simply beautiful. Ship reflections are another thing marvel at as well.


The economy for AOE3 is rather simple and those not differ much from AOE1 except that you no longer need to use stone. gold still can be obtain from mines with an additional way of getting gold that is to do whaling. another way to help with your economy is also by forming alliance with natives, which may boost your military as well as they do not use population.

There is so many to say about the game and not to forget its expansion which I will review next time. There are two expansion, The Warchief( be the natives) and Asian Dynasties(see the eastern empires) . All I can say is experience it yourself. Number 1 in my list of games.

My Review ~
Graphics 5/5
Addictiveness 4/5
Attractiveness 4/5
Will i play for long – till AOE4
Recommendation ~
1) If u love its predecessors
2) love cannons and rifles
3) love RTS

Cost me – SGD 54.90

for more info visit AOE3 official site ->



9 Responses to Age of Empires III

  1. Shadow177 says:

    im waiting for AOE 4. AOE 3 is cool my first on my game list too

  2. puto says:

    i am gay

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  4. uzer says:

    i love aoe3 very very very much.i had not seen the game like i m waiting 4 aoe 4.when it will coming.

  5. Revie Valencia says:

    I like historical games. I love this game…

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