great news

lets start from morning. lol…

woke up ard 8 plus, wanted to take a shower but was feeling so sleepy, lol. so when ofer to the living room daybed and slept there til 9.30, lol. i was woken by my 1.5yr old cousin who was sleeping over. she was like standing infront of holding the tv remote making baby noises to turn her show on(she likes to ratatouille), lol… i just took the remote and start changing channels to keep her quiet, then the was a sumthing on that caught her attention. finally can go back to slp, but a few minutes later she made noises again, lol. she was trying to move the stool between the table and the daybed, but the stool got stuck so… i had to force myself to wake up and get it unstuck, lol. at least i get to wake up and go take my shower…

then go to school, talked to Shah abt the presentation schedule abt how some ppl got their presentation the folowing monday, and i was hoping that it would be so. bla bla bla… mr chew then came and said that it was really on the folowing monday so we kind of like have a week extra to prepare!!!!! it is the first of many more great news to come, lolololol. then go prayers… after prayers ate at pizza hut with shah, lol, had cheesy shroom chicken sumthing, lol. it was fun the was great, lol. so much cheese!! then went back for test, yay got 24 out of 30, which is like 4% of total 100% grade…  i am feeling so happy right now!!

thats all for now…



One Response to great news

  1. char says:

    how come the blogroll my name so outstanding? lol
    good to hear see u smile! n having fun! haha~ the baby must be so cute~ lol

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