Happy day!!

today is a friday, last day of the week so its always a good day. next i went to catch a movie today so theres another reason to be happy about. and another thing is today is presentation day!! lol icing on the cake.

hmm lets start, was suppose to have 2 presentation. one on monday the other on thursday. so monday came and guess wad? i waited the whole day to present and a few hours before the end of the day i met my sup along my way and he said that the presentation is postponed to thursday as well!! then he said there will be a briefing the next day at 9 which he didn’t came!! wednesday and still no news. so comes thursday. sup said that present at 9 so came at early. 8.50 he called said he coming down, he came down at 10!! zzz came and told us we will have 2 presentation one at 2 one at 4, come 2pm, he was no where to be seen, waited till 3 still nothing waited till 4 finally he came to tell us that the presentation is pushed to 5!! i was stunned. waited till 5 he called to go to the presentation room, zzz the door was locked. the deputy was alrd there, so my sup went to look for the key and when he finally found it was 5.20 zzz as there are visitors coming the presentation was canceled!! lolololololololol. when home, he called say the presentation today, haiz, lol. its not so bad, lol gave me time to prepare.

presentation day!!

again waited for the presentation which was suppose to be at 2 but i presented at 3.10!! but the presentation was so great!! lololol. I was able to deflect everything that he shot at me!! lol. currently i have given a very good impression. my sup is happy deputy happy i am happy!!

deputy(d) : where was ur attachment?
me(m) : SCS
d : oh, wad did you do there, was it networking related
m : no, bt i did something that is security related, an application like the WDRS a project that can be found in my project lab
d : i see, are you new to networking?
m : yes, this project is the first time i am doing networking related stuff
d : really, because the way you present is like you really know a lot about networking
m : no,  this is my first time with networking
d : you seem to know a lot of things, good

bt there is one comment i am not happy with “you gain more from this project than you contribute, its not a bad thing, but we should make you contribute more ” lol

thats all for now…



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  1. LousLomb says:

    I agreed with you

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