A few hours ago, one of my great uncles passed on. a few days back an uncle passed on. one thing that is certain in all life, is death. I am taught that the time of our death, to the very fractions of a second had been made certain. that there is no way it can be extended or shortened.

but i’m here to talk about funerals. In Islam, a funeral is more than just a last gathering for th parted. it is more than a session of mourning and prayers. it is a reminder for those that are living. that we are here today for a short period of time. a few days back my uncle passed. it sad but i suppose i still need to live. i helped prepare his body for burial along side his son. as we touch his soulless body, it reminds us that we are only mortal. one day i will be lying there and someone else will be preparing me as i am preparing my uncle then.

once he is ready he is wrapped in the three layers of white linen and a layer of cotton. then we carried him out to be kissed a last time by his love ones. it will be sad if no one was there to gather ard you for a last time. so then we prepare for prayer. yet another reminder to us to pray before we are prayed for, to stand behind the imam before u lay before him. we proceed to bury him. and as i pass before the graves of those who have came before, i know that one day i will be lying there with them.

my father always say that funerals are nvr for the dead they are for the living. there is saying that we are born crying when those ard us will smile with joy, and when we depart our soul smile while those ard u weep for their lost.

thats all for now…



2 Responses to Funerals

  1. Zul says:

    Lets be better muslims than we are today.

  2. Ardas says:


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