decided to reopne this blog after a few days of closing it. dont know why but i feel like blogging. curently blogging with out looking at the keyboard but its kind of difficult.

Without correcting mistakes

hmm as rou wikk soon find oir that mosr of rhe mistaje are jusr a ket awat frin the acruak ket


but i am improving as i go along, haha, its still better than my hand writing. its still during the fasting month. for some reason this year seems to be easier and more fun. to a point that i am enjoying it more than i am anticipating eid.

for this month i have reached my financial limits, lol. cant get out very much and have tried to keep myself busy. results were less than what i had expected but still i am its time to move on for the future.

the real post begins here.

sometime we look at our life, and say that it isn’t fair. i am not here to argue that piece, haha. i am here to affirm it. no matter how you look at life, it will never be fair. that guy has better memory, that guy is taller, he was born rich, another guy has no parents, that guy has 4 wives, she has a nice figure, he won the lottery. its just isnt fair to the guy who looks at these situations. but what abt the guy who has one or more of those stuffs or in those situation. they would probably think life still isnt fair becuz they do not have what others have.

so what should you do? well for starters you can try to strive for those things, and try to make life a little more fairer. but most importantly is that u must accept it. accept that others are born with more and others are born with less. make do with what life has given you. one thing that is fair, is that everyone lives, isnt fair.

put forth your hands. look at ur fingers. none of the are of equal length. but each of them is needed and have their strengths and purposes. like the world we offer our strengths and let others complement it with theirs. than we will have a working hand, society in this case.


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