Hari Raya countdown

hmm Ramadan is almost over. this means i can eat during the day again, lol…

but this year its like to fast, fasting, lol. As i grow older i begin to enjoy fasting more than hari raya, lol. when i was young i would be so exited that Ramadan is ending. now is like, why has Ramadan ended so quickly. its strange especially if you are not a Muslim. As you begin to embrace the meaning of Ramadan. you find that its not about the celebration at its end but the time spent to reach it. Ramadan is a time for sacrifice and patience, it teaches self discipline and empathy. Ramadan brings the best out of people and expose the weakness of us. it shows ourselves, how much we can tolerate and how far we are willing to go.

a few of the great things to look forward too during Ramadan is breaking fast, lol. no its not the food. but the company that surrounds you while you consume it. then there is the nights leading to its end, and the ramadan bazaar.

now that its the last day of Ramadan its a sad day indeed.


2 Responses to Hari Raya countdown

  1. thedarksky says:

    so you did reopen ur blog…

  2. Zul says:

    Aku pon! =D

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