The Birth

February 12, 2008


Its nt complete yet, the words need to be redone as i use the available fonts


Mona lisa

September 6, 2007

I tried my best, lol. i made her fatter, lol. its quite difficult using a mouse and ms paint. the first 3 are burled by photoshop.

Tired!!! lol, i need taKOyaKI Lots and LotS

July 26, 2007

NO SCHOOL today but still go school to project. So many people at home today cant concentrate, lol. Came school sit with Charlene, sit outside tutorial room, she got class ooad by LimAH, then move inside since the previous class end alrd so wait for her tutor inside, when she came i lazy to go so just sat through her lesson, her lesson quite good, lol. then go eat, then go lab play computer MAHJONG, lol. I dunno how many Malay guy play mahjong, lol. Now I know all the Chinese character from 1 to 9 oso, lol.

after day at school go home with EVILEST, lol, Kah Wei, Charlene de teacher. go pasar malam at tampines buy takoyaki, after KW go, buy 2 ramlee burger for my siblings and a doner kebab for my mother.

tried to relax so i made the toon below, lol, enjoy. I need ideas for breadman oso so comment!!! must have a tagline!!! BreadMan’s head is suppose to be more square!

Takoyaki Breadman


July 23, 2007

I love this character, lol. Jason calls him breadman, so I will call him breadman. Prepare to see more of breadman.


The current breadman is an improved version of the previous breadman from here. Breadman has a purple heart, so i guess he will be sad most of the time. I think he looks slightly evil. what do you think?



One day I will rule th world!!! Bow before me!”

Cant sleep Toon

July 22, 2007

Did the skeleton using Macromedia Flash, followed up with Adobe PhotoShop.

Errors: Head to long, right eye not round enough, chin need to be lefted(move left), left eye not oval enough, body color to bright, body also too long.

Inspiration: its a duplicate of another toon.



the complete

Wet Pillow

The reveal

June 24, 2007

To see the animation i was talking about Click Here.