long DUE

My IPP is long over now its time for FYP, lol. sit in a fish tank like room with 7 other guys from 8.30 to 6 everyday, lol, wad  a “happy” life. still not very sure what i will be doing so, hanging in there, lolol. due to privacy and self preservation i will not elaborate how i spend my time during FYP, lol

next a long overdue thanks to Kim Ann and Jie Ming for getting me a weiqi set, yay, lol. they got me Yunzi (reportedly high quality stones made in yunan) from chendu, lol thanks guys!!.

theres not other developments currently, life good nothing much to complain, lol.

more post tmr since i suddenly ran out of things to blog abt, lol. AND COMMENT PPL COMMENT.

thats all for now…



6 Responses to long DUE

  1. kW says:

    i find the lack of new posts disturbing

    *heaving breathing sound*

  2. char says:

    WAH ~ u know how to play~~ teach me next time 🙂

  3. char says:

    aiya nothing to blog jiu go draw draw then post it up~ like the picha on the old man! DAMN NICE CAN~

  4. char says:

    sry to spam:) just wanna ask how come at the blogroll my name is the only one in english~ lol altho i quite happy i’m first on da list haha!

  5. I am sorry, but it’s not the best kind of Go set. Slate and shell stones are much better than yunzi.

  6. Ardas says:

    lol, nice to see somebody else commenting on my blog, lol. well, i have to agree with you but anyway, i didn’t say it is the best, i said that it is of high quality.

    but i like the texture of the stones, feels kind of soft.

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